Thursday, December 17, 2009

Mom pees her pants in Wal Mart!!!!!!!!!!

It starts off as a fairly normal day – I can't wait for all these cookies to eat!, My aquaphor (great chapstick stuff in a lotion type tube) was frozen solid when I got back from lunch!  It is miserably cold out

Then out of no where (about an hour after the previous email was sent) Mom goes crazy…

Ok girls that is enough!!! I am trying to get my shopping done, I need a cig and I have had enough of you two!

U r cracking me up

We didn't say anything - I think you've lost it, mom!

Apparently Sister knows what’s going on:

I didn't do anything & I am in trouble!  not fair!

But the good people of Walmart have no idea.

I am laughing my rump off in the middle of walmart with people looking at me real weird would someone fill her in

I'm looking at these emails the same way......

She is getting on the me & Heather for a pic HEATHER posted on FB & I said she was pretty BECAUSE SHE IS!

Oh I would love to be there - People think Mamma is a crazy lady!!!!!
She is laughing off a rump she doesn't have!!!!!!!

Our mama is crazy.  I am picturing her getting tickled and getting tickled at my desk.
I'm trying to find facebook something something -  I got distracted because apparently I said "Poop... and pee" the other day...  What?!

me too!
I am sitting at home by myself  laughing my hiney off!!!!

Omg I hit this cold air and about peeed my pants

Ohhhh stop I have got to pee so bad

Logical Sister: Wal-Marts have potty's mom! 

I am not playing with u guys anymore

YES YOU ARE!!!!!!!!!!!

Seconds later: Didn't make it

R u serious?

I just almost wet my pants with that one mom!!!

Oh crap its cold!!!!

I see a new post on the blog coming!!!!!!!!!!!
Mom pees her pants in Wal Mart!!!!!!!!!!

I was laughing and dancing so hard trying to get my groceries in the truck that I just had to let it was so warm at first then it got really cold

She only speaks the truth! Mom you KNOW Sister is going to post that for the WORLD to read!

Leslie: i think my mom just went crazy
Paul: whats new naked vacuumer
Leslie: haha
Leslie: she just started emailing say - you kids are cracking me up
Leslie: out of no where (no one has said anything in like 3 hours...) --   Ok girls that is enough!!! I am trying to get my shopping done, I need a cig and I have had enough of you two!
Leslie:   U r cracking me up
Leslie: i'm cracking up and i'
Leslie: m so lost
Leslie: i'm crying from laughter at my desk
Leslie: and i don't know what's goingo n
Paul: haha
Paul: you're as crazy as your mom

OMG Leslie ur coworkers think I am crazy and sister says the whole world will know soon. I have tears rolling like crazy

If the shoe fits Sister you just have to wear it - crazy or not!

OMG... too freakin funny! I am laughing so hard. Jim is like "whats so funny?"

Mom just called me she is laughing so hard you can hardly understand her!  She had to use a Wal Mart bag to sit in her pretty little truck!!!!!!!!!

LMAO... she called me too. She said to leave her alone! She cant even drive home because we are making her laugh so hard. She needs to get home and take a shower!! LMAO
Thats about all I could make out between her dying laughing.

Omg my phone is blowing up

I love you mamma!  Try to keep it between the white lines while you are laughing!  The police might think you are drinking if you don't & since you have already wet yourself we DO NOT need that!!!!!
Just saying!!!!!!

Thanks that helped a lot.

Just trying to be there for you mom!
I just figured she had gone to work again without panties & a bra - WITH a skirt & heels on!  In this group things like that is normal right?

I posted on my FB wall -
Y'know - funny how life works out! I love my family! We are all a bunch of nutcases BUT I wouldn't change a thing!
Jeff's sister put '?'
I said -  'I was talking about my mother & sister & our included kin Heather BUT if you want in I will include you too!'
Oh my what does my honey's family think of me????? 

HAHA - Oh my goodness!  I was in a meeting and I kept laughing and not paying attention to what was going on.  Finally someone asked me a direct question and I just started laughing and I said "Uhmm... Yes?"  My family is nutcases - but I love it!

After a meeting that I was cracking up through, just knowing the emails were still coming:  Mom didn’t call me!!!!! NOT FAIR!

She called me - HAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHA!!!!!

U r at work

HA - Mamma told YOU!!!!!!  

Nuts y'know don't fall from their tree?  So I have heard!

Or apples

 When you spoke to your  mom a few minutes ago, did it remind you of Leslie, that day she went to work without undergarmets?

ummm ... hu?

The screaming/talking/laughing?  She is asking if mom and I sound the same when we get so tickled we can't talk....

Oh - hee hee - um yes!

Wish I had something to blow my nose on

Just use your shirt, hell you already have pee on your pants.

I had to pull off the side of the road I couldn't see to drive for the tears. Let me get home so I can clean myself up pls

Oh mom are you driving that slow - you have had plenty of time to get home - is it time????
Don't get mad at me - I am being FUNNY!!!!!!!

Ok on a serious side - you guys make my days when everyone is at school or work & I don't go in until 5 totally bareable!  I didn't spell that right did I?  I love our emails!

Now on another note - I had to run to WalGreens this morning for cig & I got some new hair stuff - Sammy brand - I have been wanting to try it - but it is expensive - but it was on sale so I got the 'big curls' crap - it smells like something that I should be cleaning my toilet with - but my curls are pretty for the first time in a long time (since my crazy try to go blonde moment) & I got hairspray - it works very well - but smells like bug spray - Now first off it is called 'Sammy' - not cool since my baby is Sam - but second - if you are going make a good hair product it has to SMELL good!!!!!!!  I will use it - don't want to waste money - but so help my God someone tells me I smell like bug spray & I am emailing Sammy's!!!!!

Thank God for something serious! I love them tooooooo!

You smell like bug spary!

Where did that come from?

You know you have to email us if someone says something to you about how your hair smells.

Did I say 'spary' or are you laughing so hard you can't type?

I was laughing so hard I could type.  I have so much to do before I leave but I keep laughing!!!!! Then my boss walks by and I have to hide my inbox because it's all from yall

LOL.... thats funny! You know, he is going straight to the server to check your email now. Wouldnt you like to be a fly on the wall if he read all of them?

Oh no

I had to sop at arbys and get jeff a gift card then I had to sop in marlow so I could get my composure, wipe eyes and nose. Now I am fixin to get back on road


I went thru the drive thru

Mom – are you home?

Yep home and clean. Now I have to unload truck

Final Facebook looks like this:

Oh – too much for one day.  Sister and Hedder need to do something embarrassing now!

All my love,


Wednesday, December 02, 2009

BC Powder and Life Goals

Morning! I am off today & I have my 'list' ready for the day!

Well I am sure mamma has probley told you both - but let me tell you what is going on here!

Jeff went down to Gainesville last weekend to look for a house again - he had several lined up to look at - all just trashy places - not somewhere he was willing to live if he was single let alone take the kids there. So - he calls me just absolutely angry & saying WE ARE NOT MOVING HERE! I AM DONE! Well I know him & I just let him vent & listened to all the griping he did. Waited for him to get home Sat evening - drank a few beers with him - then Sunday morning I said - OK honey - I need to know what you want to do - I had let it all sink in & him calm down before I went into the conversation with him. He said I dont' want to move - if this job is that important to you we will work it out I guess but I don't want to leave this great place we have here where the kids are happy & we love it to live in some crap hole.

Girls it was like a weight off my shoulders to be honest - leaving Sam for one was killing me - but things just didn't seem like they were happening like they were suppose to & I was really sweating it! But I had given him this (he has wanted to move out of Tulsa) I couln't take it away from him. I had to let him get there if we were going to stay here. So - while I am disappointed about getting into a small town - this is all ok .... AND I think Mamma is still considering moving this way to be close to us still (fingers, toes, legs - everything crossed - would love to have her close). I told Sam about it - & I was hoping for a big scream happy happy happy - but I forget that she is way mature for her age - Mom what about Bailey & insurance - what about this or that - then she asked me about Grandma - I told her Mamma was still thinking about moving here - then she got excited -

So I went to work Sunday & told my boss here - he said no worries - you know you have a place here - I hated to lose you but wouldn't hold you back. He said he would go to bat for me being a salary manager here with the insurance & other perks. So Monday I talked with the big guy - he said hey Vanessa look you are in a great place - if you want to stay here no worries - if you change your mind in 6 months you can go - you have a job at either place - you are sitting pretty. My manager here talked with him about getting me on salary & such & all is looking good - may be after the first of the year - but I am the only person that will be considered to put in that position - it is just justifying putting another manager on salary & benefits at this point.

So I guess all works out the way it should - I know one thing - I truly feel relief right now - like a huge weight is off my shoulders - I won't be missing out on Sam's big year & I am still going to be able to give Bailey insurance!!!! Now to think about Christmas - Oh My!!!!

Love you all – Vanessa

Oh I'm glad you are feeling at peace about everything. If things weren't working as they were supposed to then it's best that you stay where you are.

Going on vacation for a week and not worrying about work at all made me realize how little I really care about my job - but when I'm in the midst of it, I feel like I care a lot. I thought a lot about what I really want to do. I'm going to call to get internets at home today and it'll really help me jump start a lot of the stuff I want to do. Today could be a really stressful day - because someone sent out an email saying something was happening that is not happening. The only person dealing with it is me since it's for the program I work on - but I really don't care. It's a nice feeling to not get upset about something that really doesn't affect me beyond the confines of the walls work in.

I am glad the stress is gone. I actually feel a weight being lifted also. It is amazing what u say is so true Les, I thought I really cared about Mudhopper, but I have not missed one single minute of being out there. Actually I love getting money for not working, I have time to do something besides working and it has not been stressful at all. I love y girls and Hedder, thanks for the hand cream. My hands felt so much better this morning. However, my hands have been in water again all morning.

Very glad you are feeling like you are too Sister! You kind of sound at peace also! Love you all.

Vanessa- I am so glad that everything has worked out. I am glad you are at peace with your decision. That makes all the difference in the world.
Leslie, I am glad you are at the point that you are with your job. It’s always nice to reach the carefree point and not have that stress.

It’s kind of funny where we all are in our lives right now. It’s pretty different individually, yet the same in so many ways.

I spent the day at the unemployment office yesterday, doing an orientation and talking about what options I have. It seems there are some additional grants I can apply for because I am unemployed and go back to school. I also have received a call from Dell asking if I want to go back to work. That was a great job with wonderful benefits. I am considering both. I am not sure what direction I will go yet, but I will have to figure it out by the end of the week. I will let you guys know then.

You have two very good options. Dell is a great place to work, just a long drive, OKC. School is also a good thing, I know that is something you have always wanted to do. I believe in my heart that you will make the right decision. I can't wait to see how it all turns out. I know all of you will be sucessful cause your all so smart!

I just took a BC powder - ew.

I have been taking them about every four hours, they will grow on you.

I don't know if they ever really grow on you....

That was rather random Sister - that is about the only thing I use - they are amazing!

They do grow on you - they are great for the night of too many drinks & the night after!
And for aches & pains!

Oh that is all I use too - but that doesn't mean I enjoy taking one while the powder is sitting on my tongue waiting for me to chug a huge glass of water.

Take it with a beer! LoL

Oh sister - that's your solution to everything!

OH Sister!!!! You are a brat!!!!

Ha - I get the last laugh... Sister is the brat!!!!!  :)

All my love,