Friday, October 30, 2009

Weekend Visit

Sister is at Mom's this weekend and I'm incredibly jealous. However, I did get this text when Sister first got to Mom's:

There is the common term crazy cat lady well mom has created a new one the crazy chicken lady.

Have a great weekend ladies!

All my love,


Thursday, October 29, 2009

The Wisdom of Our Combined Years

I had my first - oh my goodness!  What age am I? - moment this morning.

So about two months ago, my neighbor, Sarah, and I were getting ready to go to dinner for our birthdays (2 days apart).  While we were getting ready, we were watching Spice Girls videos (if you need to be reminded, click here) on her VCR and dancing around in her bedroom.  The best part of it was that Sarah lived in Singapore when she was in junior high - and you had to know all the words to the Spice Girls' songs to be part of the cool crowd.  I knew the words to the songs that had become popular, which were the ones that they showed on the Spice Girls video.

There is a high school behind our apartment so every morning I walk through a herd of high school kids on my way to the train.  This morning there were these two girls who had a boom box (the school is known for being fairly ghetto) and were bumpin' to Wannabe by the Spice Girls (again, if you need to be reminded, click above).  Right as I walk by them, I hear one of the girls exclaim, "HAHAHA!  This stuff [I am editing the profanity out of this reenactment] is sooo old.  I was like 3 when peeps actually listened to this!  HAHAHA!"

Hey SISTER - thanks for making me feel even OLDER!!!!!

You know age doesn't really bother me so much - since I am a '18 year old hottie stuck in a 36 year old body'  - but there are those times that I am like 'wow I am a mother of a 16 year old'

But honestly I wouldn't go back to being 25 for anything!  I love where I am at in my life - even being 3 1/2 years from 40 - wow FORTY! 

Love to all - Momma Nessa

Age doesn't bother me either - it was just the first time one of those moments really happened it was a bit odd.  Although, I do worry about wrinkles so I use anti-aging night crème. 

I love where I'm at in my life too.  I actually had a dream I was still in high school the other night and it made me really thankful that I wasn't. 

Well, I wouldn't go back to either one of your ages, however, I would go back to your looks.  Sis, you are indeed a 18 year old hottie stuck in a 36 year old body!  Les, you are just you........please don't either one of you ever change.  You will know when you get old when you hear the neighbor kid call you an "Old Lady"....  I don't care either.

What is funny though is that it is very unsettling with Jeff to get older!

The grey hair in his beard makes him crazy - then when I tell people I find grey hair on his back also he really hates it!  I remind him often that the older we get the closer we get to that senior citizen discount!

Just remember, those "good old days" were exactly that, good old days. This generation is so different then when we all grew up.
Tilda- I think we all know that you are very HOT for your age. I hope I hold up as well as you have when I get to that age.
 All my love,

Tuesday, October 27, 2009


This is one of my favorites that I dug up from the archives of my email.  

OK girls. If I have to have this image in my mind, I am sharing it with you as well.

A few minutes ago, your mother came into my office and informed me that she had an issue she couldn't resolve. I looked at her in concern and noticed that she had her hand behind her back. As she stepped to my desk, she turned around and I could see that her shirt was somehow entangled in what I thought was the waist line of her pants. Upon further inspection, I quickly learned that it was not her pants she was having issues with. As I raised her shirt to examine what was causing the problem, "mom's" red THONG was sticking up from out of her pants. Somehow, she had managed to get her shirt entangled in the rhinestone heart in the center of the back of the thong. Of course I couldn't help but laugh out loud. I untangled her shirt for her surprisingly sexy panties and continued to laugh as I was quickly instructed not to tell her girls.....

LMAO.... Sorry Tilda!! I couldn't resist. ILY

You BRAT!!!!!!!!!!! It is the only thong I have girls and no one would have ever known if I hadn't got my shirt caught in it.

P.S. How does your shirt get caught in your thong? It would make sense if like your zipper did...

MOTHER in a thong????


Red with rhinestones to boot!

I have to assume she probably stuck her hand down the back of her pants to scratch her rump. LMAO

There you go assuming again! I had gone to the bathroom!

All my love,


Wednesday, October 21, 2009

My impatient (but beautiful) Sister

Look how pretty my sister's new hair is.

I have a girl I work with that said she would color my hair the way I have wanted forever for only $25 - but she is either working or in school - or I am working - SO - I am sitting in hair color right now!  I am going back to as close as natural color as I can remember that it is - dark/med brown - then I am going to put caramel highlights in - I should wait a few days to do the highlights probley BUT again I am impatient & will probley do that today too! 

Just rinsed the color - while it is wet it looks BLACK - if it is that dark I might shave my head - the box said BROWN!!!!!!  I didn't want black again!!

It looks terrific!! I am pretty impressed. For $25.00 thats a darn good looking job. I love the color!

Actually - I did this myself - and it only cost me $12

A girl I work with said she would do it for $25 but I got tired of waiting - that is the impatient part!  LoL

Ha you did a good job! Is it the one with the cap where you pull specific strands through?

It is but I didn't use the cap - never have - do not have the patience!  LoL - there goes that impatient thing again…

Our guest (although she is not really a guest at this point) emailer is Heather.  Mom is out this week on her first vacation in about a year...

I talked to her last night and she said her neighbor brought over more chickens - so now she has 13!!!!  One of them was beating up Elvis.  She was screaming /laughing about how Elvis (who is "so ugly") getting hurt.  She sounds like she is enjoying her time off.

All my love,


Friday, October 16, 2009

And it just took sister making a blog of our email convos to get us going today!

I believe there were 30 to 40 emails traded back and forth during the course of the day…


Talking to mom this morning did help start the smiles - picturing her standing in the kitchen at work laughing soooo hard she is screaming something in the phone back at me that I could NOT understand with tears in her eyes & hitting the counter & all the while NOONE there having a clue what is making her laugh so hard - must have thought she was losing it!

That's my girl! Sun is shining, it is Friday, life is good - could be worse. I am proud of your attitude.

Sis, I so enjoyed that laugh....... however, you don't realize that all the folks around here has witnessed that kind of behavior at least one time. I don't behave that way often, but when I do you can't ignore it.

What is ILY?

uhhhh I love you - Sister did you bring your brain to work with you today?

I couldn't help but chuckle at Sis's remark to you Les. Left your brain at home, ha ha ha.

(10:07:07 AM) Leslie: do you know what ILY stands for?
(10:09:24 AM) Paul: Illinois Librarians Yuletide

I must say you are in rare form today! Do you still not know what ILY means? Really???

Let's just agree to disagree over this issue...

On an unrelated note, there is this great new blog that was started today. I can’t wait until this anonymous blogger starts posting some crazy stories of some restaurateurs.

All my love,


P.S.  I color coded us because I was getting confused when composing this.
        Mom is red because she is full of love.
        Sister is purple because she is royality.
        I am blue because I like the color blue.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

I love us!

My mom, sister and I email each other during the day to keep each other a little saner.  We don’t often have time to keep up with each other via phone or with visits – that being that my crazy sister has a litter of children and I live in the frigid north (Chicago) while they get to bask in warmth close to year round (Oklahoma). 
We started the email chains about a year ago with this rather innocent email about rabbit pooh shaped ice:
“Mum and Sister –
I am excited about Christmas; however, I am (possibly) more excited about the prospect of eating exciting foods that my anxious taste buds have not danced to in a few years.  I have two requests while I am visiting:
1.       A delicious Sonic sody pop made even more delicious by rabbit pooh shaped ice.
2.       Taco Bueno.  I don’t remember what I ate at Taco Bueno but I have found myself compulsively singing “When you want more say ‘Bueno!’”   If my tongue can’t help but sing this horribly un-catchy tune, then it really must miss something about the food.
Oh, I just thought of a third (and how could I forget)…ROCKET BROTHERS (maybe) COFFEE!  And I don’t want my sister to think that she deserves to squeeze my cup and swoop in to lick off my whipped cream with delicious white syrup on top just because she is in the drivers set – and I want to clarify (and make her aware there will be hair pulling if the aforementioned catastrophe does occur) that right now.
That is all for now…”
Between then and now we have brainstormed elephant tattoos to get together, shared bowel movement frustrations, thong malfunctions (I’m lookin’ at you, Mum) – as well as the troubles of children growing up, frustrations with our jobs – and everything in between.
I want to save a record of the emails still yet to come that'll make us laugh and the ones that'll make us cry.  From time to time (probably during slow periods when we are busy with our lives), I’ll chronicle the emails of the past year that have inspired the love and given hope to the women in my family.
All my love,