Thursday, November 19, 2009

Mom's Influence on Sister

I had a nice visit with Sister this morning - she made me laugh so hard!  What I want to know though Sister is - are you keeping your legs crossed??????

OMG, can't wait to hear her answer and about this conversation!

Come on Leslie, we all want to hear your response to that one.

I am having lunch with your mom. Wish you guys were here too.

Yea I wish Sister would say something - because I can't until she does!

But she was definetly making me laugh this morning - I couldn't understand half of what she said because she was laughing –

I was at lunch and I am keeping my legs crossed.  I'm not wearing a bra either...

Sister Ann - your boobs are too big for that!

Are you having a good day?

I'm hung over.

I only had like 4 drinks..................

Hair of the Dog Sister - I love you!

I just need to say this though - Mom - Sister is so comfortable in no panties or bra because you are her mother!!!!!!

I did have fun talking to you this morning though. 

oh me too - you reminded me so much of mom laughing & screaming!

I still don't understand the whole keeping your legs crossed thing and now I am really confused about the bra thing. You guys should really not leave things like that to the imagination.

Your imagination isn't far off I am sure!

I was drunk this morning so I forgot to wear under garments - and I wore a dress.

Lmao! That's good stuff! You must have been pretty drunk to forget your undergarments. It’s all starting to make so much sense now.

Your mom and I are dying laughing. I keep remembering the time that your mom was at the lake and you called. Your mom was laughing so hard, she bout peed her pants. Then she passed the phone to me and I couldn't understand a word you were saying either. You were laughing so hard and your mom was so tickled. I can just imagine you and Nes on the phone this morning. And I can imagine how you must be feeling at work right now with no undergarments! LMAO

WELL I can guarantee everyone on the subway knew Sister had no panties on - she was laughing so hard she was screaming it - even Jeff heard her.  I was talking to her listening actually - finally I said - are you wearing heels?  YES AND NO PANTIES!!! 

Leslie, my first thought is be careful someone might do something to u, but this is only after I laughed my rump off. girl. 

I found some gin in the trailer last weekend so I went to the store and bought some olives and thought I will have a martinni sometime, haven't had one yet and know I am kinda nervous about doing it. I might go to hop and sack without panties and tell everyone!

Hahaha - aren't you funny?

Lmao... that's pretty good Tilda. But we both know you would take 3 drinks and get a headache and have to stop. Besides, you don't have to be drunk. We all know how much you like being neeked anyway! A little alcohol might help you announce it, but its not required.

Watch it girl! Your day is coming!


Ok So I totally see Mom drinking DRITY maritnis in the NEEKED stage - then going OR not going  anywhere & still telling us about her NO PANTIES!! 

But then again we have Lovely that goes to WORK that way!

But I love them both with all of my heart!  Panties or not!!!!

I just don't know if I want to know when or not!

My cup so runneth over with honesty, real friends, real family and love. You watch Hedder, the girls are goin call me cheesy. I now know what that means, but didn't when they first calles me that. (Was goin correct that mispelling but I like the sounds of a hillbilly). now I am going to put my phone under a pillow so I can get something done today!

LOL..... I know what you mean Tilda. I am pretty cheesy too. But you are right. You are loved and have wonderful family to cling to. I know, as much as I will miss you when you move, I will never have to worry about you being alone.

Alright, that is enough! It has been an emotional day for me any way. Love you ALL! Mum
I have something else to say about cheesy. The sisters, my daughters, their chessy also, especially with no panties or bra on. ILY

Later that day…

I have just spent the last few minutes ready all my emails and I have tears from laughter, joy, sadness and another feeling that is just undescribable (wish this thing had a spell checker). My desire is that all three of u have that same feeling so u can experience what I am feeling. Thank u for being part of my every day, even if u don't have panties on.


Well - me personally I have panties on - now I do not have a bra on - but since I truly have no need for one that doesn't count!

But - I do love you all - and do truly enjoy my everyday conversation!

Les I know u have company but u better call me (especially if u plan on going out with no panties). I crack myself up!

The best part of this email is that I called her while she was typing it and she was laughing so hard that she could barely talk!  I love you guys - even with no panties!!

I enjoy being part of the "everyday conversation" too. Even tho, I am sure there are times, like today, you girls probably wish I wasn't involved in all conversations. LOL.. I get so much enjoyment out of our emails. Thank you to all of you for treating me like part of the family and always including me, especially in the funny stuff.

So this was an enjoyable one for me to read back through, especially since I didn't enjoy that day very much...

All my love,


Friday, November 13, 2009

Mom's Neeked.... Again....

Today however I intend on being much more productive - I made a list - like MOM!!!  Maybe then I can stay on track & not get lazy - LoL. 

Well off to start on my list - first - figure out why my vacuum is acting like a fool!!!!!

You are my daughter! I made a list this morning and looked at my morning glories for seeds. I love you. I am in the trailer going thru things, throwing away stuff, making a pile of Marks stuff, making a pile of gregs stuff, making a pile of garage sale stuff and making room to move stuff out of the house so I can get it ready to put on the market.

Boy am I on a roll, but time for a break and catch up on the conversation.

So I am making a very nice dent on my list - but one thing on my list is going to have to wait until I go buy ANOTHER belt!  I hate vacuum cleaners - I can't even begin to guess how many I have owned in my adult life!  They are just evil machines that are suppose to make our lives easier but makes my life crazy!!!!!!

OMG I am going to have to back my truck down to the trailer and find the dump!

LoL - YOU ARE making progress then!

Sister knows what I mean! 

Do you guys understand what Mom means by "find the dump!"? u know what I mean Les?

Not sure about that - but I just had a thought - Sister - you & I both know mom likes to clean neeked - do you thinK?????????

too funny! Honey you spelled naked wrong.

Lmoa! Yes, I understand it, but don't think that will keep me from making fun of her for it.

On purpose - I know how to spell naked - but I do think when you clean that way it is neeked - because it is weird!

Lol haven't done that since I got so old

According to Bailey & Van being your age hasn't stopped you from being neeked!!!!

It's not ever going to stop her being neeked.

Be honest with me girls, have u ever cleaned house neeked?

No but I've done neeked yoga in my living room...

Alright that's my girl!

NEVER - I would be afraid of getting nasty germs or chemicals that my burn on my cookie!

Cookie? U r way off on that spelling. So where is the weirded place u been neeked?

um - in those pics of me having Sam - I think that is my weirdest neeked moment - one that won't disappear! 

I heard Pink call it a cookie on an interview the other day & I liked it - so I decided I have a cookie instead of a cooh - which I called it before!

I was just sitting here thinking about my truck & all of a sudden the image of Lovely falling out of my truck popped into my head & I had a really good laugh!

Don't u just love thoughts like that!

you guys crack me up. I walked away from my phone for 15 minutes. When I realized I had missed something, I was behind by like 13 emails. And they were all about being neeked!

There was a lot more conversation this day – I am done for the day also - except for working on my truck - I have had what they call in 4X4 lingo the death wobble - it can be many different things from what I have read on the internet - but the thing I read the most was something loose - well I think I got under the truck a few minutes ago & think I found a tie rod end that is loose - well I know it is loose - the other side has no movement at all & this one does - but I am determined to solve this death wobble problem because it scares the pooh out of you - seriously - it is a definate butt pucker moment!!!

Its kind of a "wam bam thank you mam" lunch with her (Shelby) isnt it. You dont need to be feeding me and my kid everyday. You are on a budget now.  She already text me and said "Till is so sweet. She made me a cheeseburger".

I don't know why beans have to be a bad thing - like a budget kind of thing - my very favorite Christmas dinner I ever had was one Nanaw cooked  - Beans, Fried Taters & Cornbread - she called it her Country Christmas dinner - I called it fabulous!!!!!!!

And oh so much more…

All my love,


Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Little Skeered!!!!

We are all talking about making major life decisions - new homes, new towns/cities, new jobs - and it is all a little skeery. However, if we continue to just be there for each other as shoulders to lean on for a little support when we need it, then we'll come out stronger and better than we are now.

All the what if's are starting to hit me hard!

What if this is a huge mistake? What if my kids HATE it? What if I fail? What if the restaraunt fails there? What if Jeff hates it? (although I don't think that will happen - we will be a step away from Texas!)

I think some of my fear would settle if I knew we had a house IN Thackerville itself - or if mom could move with us - that fear of Bailey or any of the kids having an emergency - I always think of Bay first because of her seizures - but being there with me 20 - 30 mins away at work - Jeff maybe further scares me.

AND never mind that part of this move that excites me is the very small town - which we would lose with living in a surrounding town - smaller than Tulsa/BA yes - but not what I am going for.

UGH - am I doing the right thing?

Although, if you don't go, then you ask yourself "what would have happened if I did go?" forever.

I talked to Bailey last night. She said she was nervous about not making friends. It's a small town - but I used to like going to the smaller schools (Arkansas) better. There weren't as many students so they noticed when there was a new one - and befriended them quicker.

I really like moving and I feel like I strive off it. It causes me to challenge myself.

And if the kids end up hating it - well they are kids and should hate anything their parents put them through. Later in life, they will thank you for making them learn those lessons. :)

Vanessa, honey it is normal to be having those "what if" feelings. You are very normal, but it is like Les said, and I truly believe what she said is true. So calm down baby and take a deep breath.

I agree with Les and mom.... Vanessa just find peace with it and trust that everything will work out. If we could all answer the "what ifs" in life before we make decisions, it would be pretty boring. Everything will work out fine. Just have faith and remember, everything we go through in life makes us who we are. You kids are no different. This change will help them become who they are supposed to be.

Yea, that’s what I meant. (that kinda brought tears) ILY

All my love,


Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Halloweekend in Rush Springs

We also laughed at mom handing out candy to the Trick or Treaters - OMG that was sooo funny - Mom really likes handing out candy & teasing those kids.  She would try to scare them - then she would take the candy out of their bags & say thanks my bowl is almost empty!  One little girl just turned around to take off - another little girl started handing her candy - then an older girl was like - Wait!  That isn't how this is suppose to work!!!!

Mom just got so tickled with herself!!!  I think mom would enjoy Halloween once a month!

Tee Hee.........One time I was standing next to the wall when a couple boys came up.  They knocked, I opened the door slowly in a way they could not see me.  I heard one of the boys say, "It's a ghost" and about that time I jumped out and hollered, "Boo".  One of the boys about jumped out of his skin.  I really liked that!  Wish I had been dressed up, bet I could have really scared them then. 

Haha - I got a little tickled about mom handing out candy.  I remember her doing that when I was kid.  One Halloween she dressed up as a witch (as she did every Halloween) and I dressed up as a black cat.  We collaborated together to answer the door and she did those sorts of things the whole time.  It was great!

I know I have told you girls several times how much you mother reminds me of my mom. My mother used to love handing out candy to the little ones. She lived out of town and would find someone house in town to go to and hand out candy. The last year that she handed out candy, she was really sick, in a wheel chair and on oxygen full time. But she still went into town and handed out candy. Anyway, she used to dress up as something scary and hand out candy to the kids. She would do her best to scare as many of them as she could, except the little bitty ones, then she would get so tickled about it, it would take her 5 minutes to recover from the giggling. I used to love to watch her do that.

All my love,