Thursday, November 19, 2009

Mom's Influence on Sister

I had a nice visit with Sister this morning - she made me laugh so hard!  What I want to know though Sister is - are you keeping your legs crossed??????

OMG, can't wait to hear her answer and about this conversation!

Come on Leslie, we all want to hear your response to that one.

I am having lunch with your mom. Wish you guys were here too.

Yea I wish Sister would say something - because I can't until she does!

But she was definetly making me laugh this morning - I couldn't understand half of what she said because she was laughing –

I was at lunch and I am keeping my legs crossed.  I'm not wearing a bra either...

Sister Ann - your boobs are too big for that!

Are you having a good day?

I'm hung over.

I only had like 4 drinks..................

Hair of the Dog Sister - I love you!

I just need to say this though - Mom - Sister is so comfortable in no panties or bra because you are her mother!!!!!!

I did have fun talking to you this morning though. 

oh me too - you reminded me so much of mom laughing & screaming!

I still don't understand the whole keeping your legs crossed thing and now I am really confused about the bra thing. You guys should really not leave things like that to the imagination.

Your imagination isn't far off I am sure!

I was drunk this morning so I forgot to wear under garments - and I wore a dress.

Lmao! That's good stuff! You must have been pretty drunk to forget your undergarments. It’s all starting to make so much sense now.

Your mom and I are dying laughing. I keep remembering the time that your mom was at the lake and you called. Your mom was laughing so hard, she bout peed her pants. Then she passed the phone to me and I couldn't understand a word you were saying either. You were laughing so hard and your mom was so tickled. I can just imagine you and Nes on the phone this morning. And I can imagine how you must be feeling at work right now with no undergarments! LMAO

WELL I can guarantee everyone on the subway knew Sister had no panties on - she was laughing so hard she was screaming it - even Jeff heard her.  I was talking to her listening actually - finally I said - are you wearing heels?  YES AND NO PANTIES!!! 

Leslie, my first thought is be careful someone might do something to u, but this is only after I laughed my rump off. girl. 

I found some gin in the trailer last weekend so I went to the store and bought some olives and thought I will have a martinni sometime, haven't had one yet and know I am kinda nervous about doing it. I might go to hop and sack without panties and tell everyone!

Hahaha - aren't you funny?

Lmao... that's pretty good Tilda. But we both know you would take 3 drinks and get a headache and have to stop. Besides, you don't have to be drunk. We all know how much you like being neeked anyway! A little alcohol might help you announce it, but its not required.

Watch it girl! Your day is coming!


Ok So I totally see Mom drinking DRITY maritnis in the NEEKED stage - then going OR not going  anywhere & still telling us about her NO PANTIES!! 

But then again we have Lovely that goes to WORK that way!

But I love them both with all of my heart!  Panties or not!!!!

I just don't know if I want to know when or not!

My cup so runneth over with honesty, real friends, real family and love. You watch Hedder, the girls are goin call me cheesy. I now know what that means, but didn't when they first calles me that. (Was goin correct that mispelling but I like the sounds of a hillbilly). now I am going to put my phone under a pillow so I can get something done today!

LOL..... I know what you mean Tilda. I am pretty cheesy too. But you are right. You are loved and have wonderful family to cling to. I know, as much as I will miss you when you move, I will never have to worry about you being alone.

Alright, that is enough! It has been an emotional day for me any way. Love you ALL! Mum
I have something else to say about cheesy. The sisters, my daughters, their chessy also, especially with no panties or bra on. ILY

Later that day…

I have just spent the last few minutes ready all my emails and I have tears from laughter, joy, sadness and another feeling that is just undescribable (wish this thing had a spell checker). My desire is that all three of u have that same feeling so u can experience what I am feeling. Thank u for being part of my every day, even if u don't have panties on.


Well - me personally I have panties on - now I do not have a bra on - but since I truly have no need for one that doesn't count!

But - I do love you all - and do truly enjoy my everyday conversation!

Les I know u have company but u better call me (especially if u plan on going out with no panties). I crack myself up!

The best part of this email is that I called her while she was typing it and she was laughing so hard that she could barely talk!  I love you guys - even with no panties!!

I enjoy being part of the "everyday conversation" too. Even tho, I am sure there are times, like today, you girls probably wish I wasn't involved in all conversations. LOL.. I get so much enjoyment out of our emails. Thank you to all of you for treating me like part of the family and always including me, especially in the funny stuff.

So this was an enjoyable one for me to read back through, especially since I didn't enjoy that day very much...

All my love,


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