Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Little Skeered!!!!

We are all talking about making major life decisions - new homes, new towns/cities, new jobs - and it is all a little skeery. However, if we continue to just be there for each other as shoulders to lean on for a little support when we need it, then we'll come out stronger and better than we are now.

All the what if's are starting to hit me hard!

What if this is a huge mistake? What if my kids HATE it? What if I fail? What if the restaraunt fails there? What if Jeff hates it? (although I don't think that will happen - we will be a step away from Texas!)

I think some of my fear would settle if I knew we had a house IN Thackerville itself - or if mom could move with us - that fear of Bailey or any of the kids having an emergency - I always think of Bay first because of her seizures - but being there with me 20 - 30 mins away at work - Jeff maybe further scares me.

AND never mind that part of this move that excites me is the very small town - which we would lose with living in a surrounding town - smaller than Tulsa/BA yes - but not what I am going for.

UGH - am I doing the right thing?

Although, if you don't go, then you ask yourself "what would have happened if I did go?" forever.

I talked to Bailey last night. She said she was nervous about not making friends. It's a small town - but I used to like going to the smaller schools (Arkansas) better. There weren't as many students so they noticed when there was a new one - and befriended them quicker.

I really like moving and I feel like I strive off it. It causes me to challenge myself.

And if the kids end up hating it - well they are kids and should hate anything their parents put them through. Later in life, they will thank you for making them learn those lessons. :)

Vanessa, honey it is normal to be having those "what if" feelings. You are very normal, but it is like Les said, and I truly believe what she said is true. So calm down baby and take a deep breath.

I agree with Les and mom.... Vanessa just find peace with it and trust that everything will work out. If we could all answer the "what ifs" in life before we make decisions, it would be pretty boring. Everything will work out fine. Just have faith and remember, everything we go through in life makes us who we are. You kids are no different. This change will help them become who they are supposed to be.

Yea, that’s what I meant. (that kinda brought tears) ILY

All my love,


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