Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Halloweekend in Rush Springs

We also laughed at mom handing out candy to the Trick or Treaters - OMG that was sooo funny - Mom really likes handing out candy & teasing those kids.  She would try to scare them - then she would take the candy out of their bags & say thanks my bowl is almost empty!  One little girl just turned around to take off - another little girl started handing her candy - then an older girl was like - Wait!  That isn't how this is suppose to work!!!!

Mom just got so tickled with herself!!!  I think mom would enjoy Halloween once a month!

Tee Hee.........One time I was standing next to the wall when a couple boys came up.  They knocked, I opened the door slowly in a way they could not see me.  I heard one of the boys say, "It's a ghost" and about that time I jumped out and hollered, "Boo".  One of the boys about jumped out of his skin.  I really liked that!  Wish I had been dressed up, bet I could have really scared them then. 

Haha - I got a little tickled about mom handing out candy.  I remember her doing that when I was kid.  One Halloween she dressed up as a witch (as she did every Halloween) and I dressed up as a black cat.  We collaborated together to answer the door and she did those sorts of things the whole time.  It was great!

I know I have told you girls several times how much you mother reminds me of my mom. My mother used to love handing out candy to the little ones. She lived out of town and would find someone house in town to go to and hand out candy. The last year that she handed out candy, she was really sick, in a wheel chair and on oxygen full time. But she still went into town and handed out candy. Anyway, she used to dress up as something scary and hand out candy to the kids. She would do her best to scare as many of them as she could, except the little bitty ones, then she would get so tickled about it, it would take her 5 minutes to recover from the giggling. I used to love to watch her do that.

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