Friday, November 13, 2009

Mom's Neeked.... Again....

Today however I intend on being much more productive - I made a list - like MOM!!!  Maybe then I can stay on track & not get lazy - LoL. 

Well off to start on my list - first - figure out why my vacuum is acting like a fool!!!!!

You are my daughter! I made a list this morning and looked at my morning glories for seeds. I love you. I am in the trailer going thru things, throwing away stuff, making a pile of Marks stuff, making a pile of gregs stuff, making a pile of garage sale stuff and making room to move stuff out of the house so I can get it ready to put on the market.

Boy am I on a roll, but time for a break and catch up on the conversation.

So I am making a very nice dent on my list - but one thing on my list is going to have to wait until I go buy ANOTHER belt!  I hate vacuum cleaners - I can't even begin to guess how many I have owned in my adult life!  They are just evil machines that are suppose to make our lives easier but makes my life crazy!!!!!!

OMG I am going to have to back my truck down to the trailer and find the dump!

LoL - YOU ARE making progress then!

Sister knows what I mean! 

Do you guys understand what Mom means by "find the dump!"? u know what I mean Les?

Not sure about that - but I just had a thought - Sister - you & I both know mom likes to clean neeked - do you thinK?????????

too funny! Honey you spelled naked wrong.

Lmoa! Yes, I understand it, but don't think that will keep me from making fun of her for it.

On purpose - I know how to spell naked - but I do think when you clean that way it is neeked - because it is weird!

Lol haven't done that since I got so old

According to Bailey & Van being your age hasn't stopped you from being neeked!!!!

It's not ever going to stop her being neeked.

Be honest with me girls, have u ever cleaned house neeked?

No but I've done neeked yoga in my living room...

Alright that's my girl!

NEVER - I would be afraid of getting nasty germs or chemicals that my burn on my cookie!

Cookie? U r way off on that spelling. So where is the weirded place u been neeked?

um - in those pics of me having Sam - I think that is my weirdest neeked moment - one that won't disappear! 

I heard Pink call it a cookie on an interview the other day & I liked it - so I decided I have a cookie instead of a cooh - which I called it before!

I was just sitting here thinking about my truck & all of a sudden the image of Lovely falling out of my truck popped into my head & I had a really good laugh!

Don't u just love thoughts like that!

you guys crack me up. I walked away from my phone for 15 minutes. When I realized I had missed something, I was behind by like 13 emails. And they were all about being neeked!

There was a lot more conversation this day – I am done for the day also - except for working on my truck - I have had what they call in 4X4 lingo the death wobble - it can be many different things from what I have read on the internet - but the thing I read the most was something loose - well I think I got under the truck a few minutes ago & think I found a tie rod end that is loose - well I know it is loose - the other side has no movement at all & this one does - but I am determined to solve this death wobble problem because it scares the pooh out of you - seriously - it is a definate butt pucker moment!!!

Its kind of a "wam bam thank you mam" lunch with her (Shelby) isnt it. You dont need to be feeding me and my kid everyday. You are on a budget now.  She already text me and said "Till is so sweet. She made me a cheeseburger".

I don't know why beans have to be a bad thing - like a budget kind of thing - my very favorite Christmas dinner I ever had was one Nanaw cooked  - Beans, Fried Taters & Cornbread - she called it her Country Christmas dinner - I called it fabulous!!!!!!!

And oh so much more…

All my love,


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