Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Crazy Chickens (12-27-09)

Morning everyone! I love you. I had a good laugh at my chickens this morning. I was feeling bad for them cause they have been in their coop with the tarp pulled down for two days. They have a light in there to help keep them warm and I feel better that they are not in the dark all the time. I had decided to open the door this morning to let them out even tho I worried that they were not smart enough to go back in there if once they figured out they would be under the snow. I knew come night they would go back but they could have froze to death before night. Well when I opened the door the dominate rooster came and looked out for awhile without jumping down and turned around and did some chicken talk and the other chickens didn't even come to the door. I laughed and said you are smarter than I thought. So I put food and water in the coop and pulled the tarp back down. I haven't seen my bunny, but have seen her tracks on the snow and she has eat the brocolli stocks and apples I have put out. My pond is frozen over except right in the middle where the fountain is squirting out the water. It is beautiful outside. I put some chicken feed and water out for the birds. I saw two cardinals eating. Looked like a christmas card. I miss you all and wish you was here, but know in your hearts that you are here in my heart. Momma Bear.

This made me laugh!  
I am going to take the tree down today - it is pretty & I always enjoy having it up but am always soo glad to take it down.  This year I did a tree only - I didn't get out all my Christmas decorations. 
Speaking of Christmas - I really missed having you all here this year - but I want to get to mom's soon.  I am going to get to mom's soon with all the kids - they really want to see grandma Till - me too!  Sister & I were talking the other day & we both agreed that we need to get together more - all of us at the same time - of course that will be easier for me than her - but I will work around her.  We want it to be at mom's house - we want mom to sit around her house & have memories there of all of us being there.  We both agreed summer is best since that is mom's favorite time of year - we could all do some fishing & carter springs - well you all can - I am not getting in that cold water!!! LoL   But do all the fun things around mom's house with her - Love you MAMMA BEAR!
Well I am going to get busy - watch the sun come up as I work in the house making it my house again! 
I hope you all have a great day!

Yes!!! That sounds like a great plan. Let's go ahead and plan for every weekend! I have cabin fever so bad I can't stand it. I need to get outside. I watched more TV the last two days than I have all year. I've read two books, my house is spotless and my toilet is clean. I think I might get out today and shovel some snow around chicken coop so they can get out for awhile. I might even try to get out of driveway. My neighbors got stuck on christmas day trying to get out, took them about an hour to get unstuck, so I may not make it. I really missed us not being together! Leslie called and I read the "Polar Express" to her and we cried. She will NEVER outgrow that book. Come to think of it I won't either. Sounds like you plan for a productive day, I have decided I am not going to turn my TV on till at least this evening. So maybe I will find something productive to do. Love you all so very much and can't wait for those get togethers! Mommy Bear

Well I have to share my morning with my chickens. First of all my feet are frozen. I decided to leave their door open and let whatever happen, happen. I gave them cornbread, food and water in their coop. Until they got their bellies full they didn't try to come out. I had already came back to the house and looked down there and saw Maude, Lucy and Bell, my three beautiful roosters standing breast deep in snow, not moving. I watched for awhile and saw Lucy raising one foot up. I thought their feet is going to freeze so here I go. Maude and Lucy let me pick them up and put them back in the coop, and they didn't come back out. However Bell wouldn't let me pick her up. She flew away from me and got back to the coop, but not in it but under it. Everytime I would get close she would go running out in the deep snow, I would go to get her then back to the coop she would run. Finally after messing up my beautiful snow and my feet frozen from running after her for 30 minutes I said alright, stay out and freeze your feet off and came back to the house. He is not as smart as the other two!

I have decided (mother is not included in this email so DON'T tell her) that I have to paint mom a crazy chicken lady sign!!!!!   It just is something she needs hanging up on her coop or in her kitchen or something!!!!!!  Her stories this weekend decided this for me!

Lol... that's a great idea! Its very fitting.

Lmao.... too funny! I would love to see the look on her face if you sent her one of those. But, your probably right, she wouldn't hang them and I would hate for you to waste your time painting something she wouldn't even use. Although, I do think she would see the humor in them, she isn't quite as daring as you or I. I would hang it with pride!

I am actually going to make her a bunch of stuff for her house I think - things I can use as examples on etsy to sell.  I think her kitchen would be cute with some chicken/rooster theme going on!
The whole chicken thing is too cute - and she seems to love those peckers!

Awesome! She needs some stuff. You really need to come down and see her colors and what she has going on in there first. She said that Jeff told her that the pics we sent didnt really do it justice.

We are going to come that way soon!  Like next few weeks.  I may not tell her & suprise her - but then again with JC passing & her going to go help with Doris I might have to tell her! 

Surely she will be letting all of us know what her plans are as far as being down there. Just play it by ear.

The start of the secret.  Hehe...

All my love,

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