Tuesday, April 13, 2010


with guest Papa Bear (12-18-09)

Whats the big plans for this chilly weeked?

Mornin Papa Bear, I plan on spliting wood for most of the weekend so we can stay warm on christmas day while it is snowing. What's your plans?
Mama Bear

I am going to finish all my Christmas everything - send Christmas cards (wow! I am late on that one!), finish my cookies and send them, Christmas grab bag gift.  I'm also cleaning my house from top to bottom.  Since I've been baking every night - my house hasn't had any cleaning done to it so it awful.

Aww - first I like the whole papa/mama bear thing!
I am working today @ noon & @ 5 tomorrow & digging down really deep to find a positive place to be while being there - it is hard anymore w/ the bs that goes on around there. 
On a lighter note my step son Dalton is coming home - moving home - Jeff is on his way to Dallas right now to pick him up from school @ 12:30 & bring him home. 
I do have Sunday off - that I am looking forward to!

Sister - did you guys read the Bernstein Bears?  Those were my favorite books as a kid - I thought we gave our massive collection to yall.  I'm not focused on being productive today!

Yes I have them - have read a lot of them to the kids - over & over - they are great books!
Love you guys - I am heading out to my favorite screwed up place!

I got my package - thanks mom!  Can I open it?  :)

You can open the card but not the package. Glad you got it.

I like the "from the kitchen of" - they look like they are from the 80s!

I thought you would like those, wish you could open your package but you can't.

It's ok - today is Secret Santa so I get a present today.  And Christina got me a snow man that grows (I'll send the final product). What are you doin today mama bear?

Rolled all my coins and taking them to the bank for cash right now. Jim cut the dead part of the ugly tree down yesterday so I am going to clean all the little branches up, split some firewood and go to library.

I know what it is.... nanananana!

I was waiting for that response!

LOL... you know me too well!
You know she is going to open it even tho you told her not to. I would! Then I wouldnt tell you anything. On Christmas morning, I would call you all excited about what I got and you would never know that I had already opened it.

The girl next to me told me to do that – but I didn’t open it, I just opened the card!
My secret santa isn’t here today so I didn’t get my secret santa gift….


All my love, 

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