Tuesday, April 13, 2010

So - (12-28-09)

This is one of my favorites...  Too funny!

Yesterday Jeff & I cleaned cleaned cleaned this house!!!  Some major cleaning we do when all the kids are gone - too hard to do it with them always right there! LoL
When we were done we had to go get a few walmart neccessities - then we came home and had dinner & got in bed to watch tv.  We were both asleep by 8ish.  AND we were both up at 2am not able to sleep!!!!!!  UGH!!!!  So I got out my painting magazines/books & got made some plans for painting some things - we had some coffee - watched some Hogan Knows Best or whatever it is called - laughed at the rapping commercials for the ShamWow & some chopper thing - then fell back asleep after 6 & back up at around 7:30!!! 
Who does that - ok mom we know you do - that must be it - this nut didn't fall far from the tree!!!!!!!
We both are working today - and tonight we are going to go eat at Red Lobster - Heath (Jeff's brother in law) came back from Amarillo with gifts from his mom - gift cards!  One for Reb Lobster, 2 Applebees, 1 Bass Pro & one that can be used at Red Lobster or Olive Garden.  I love Red Lobster but don't eat there  because of the prices!!!  UMMMMM - cheddar biscuits!!!!!!  I will not be eating today - save all that room for biscuits!!!!
Dad is signing his lease for his apartment at 11 - YEA!!!! 
Love you all - Vaness

Sounds about like the crazy crap I have been doing. I never go to sleep by 8 but I am always staying up until 2 or 3 am and sleeping half the day away. Yesterday, I slept till 10 then was back asleep at noon until about 230. Last night I took a sleeping pill so I could get to sleep at a decent hour. I was asleep before 10 but up at 730. I gotta tell ya something, I dont feel like I miss out on anything by sleeping late. Although, I have to get back into a routine. One week from today and I go back to work at a normal job again. UGG. I am looking forward to seeing everyone again and working again, just not getting up at 5 am.

I personally hate sleeping late - it makes me feel like I have lost a whole day!  We are always up early - between 6 & 7 everyday.  I don't mind it - we go to bed anywhere from 9 to 11 usually.

Oh you girls!  I'm so busy this morning that I haven't read any of these emails - but I'm anticipating Sister or Hedder doing something really embarrassing that will continue to live on in infamy!

keep anticipating - it is not going to happen or at least won't be told!!!!!
Well Leslie, I have a pretty innocent day planned. We are getting ready to head out and pick up a cell phone for Jim's mom. Then we are going to run by the nursing home and drop it off to her along with her other Christmas gifts. Since we had the snow storm of the century here, she didn't get to come over for Christmas. I figure, as long as I don't hold my bladder for to long, it should be a pretty normal day.

Hedder said the same thing, she will never tell....Les, what do you think about that! Looks like you and I are the only ones that in it for fun. I still believe their day will come when least expected and we will be unmerciful. Love you all

Why would you not share with us?!?!  We share with you!
Yea, you tell em Les!

Ummm safety in silence!!!!

Oh well - I might tell - but the thing is that I don't do embarrassing things!  LoL - takes a lot actually to embarrass me! 
Mom - how are the cocks & their chicks???
LoL - sorry - but it is funny!!!!! 

Girls, not sure what makes me feel compelled to tell you this but I am horny this morning.

Ok I am laughing my hiney off now - maybe the cock comment came at the wrong time!!!!!!!!

I read mom's before I read your's.  Oh too funny!

She must have been reading my mind. I wrote it before I got hers.

I think it has do with the beauty of the snow. It is romantic.

You said horny - not romantic!

How can you find this COLD, DIRTY snow, romantic?

That's true, big different. Don't know what I was thinking. Just give me a few minutes and it will pass.

LMAO... This just got really interesting! Tilda, surely you havent been in the nature shower!! I know what I should have gotten you for Christmas! I should have shopped at Christy's Toy Box

Good thing you didn't, already have one.


Tilda- I am not sure why you actually send that stuff in email. You know, if it gets to interesting, Leslie is posting it on her blog!

Wow - I got in the shower & this conversation got deeper without ME involved!!!
Mom - we watched a movie not to long ago - the new term for masturbation - don't know why I am compelled to tell you this (LoL) - is flicking the bean! 
And as far as already having one - the commercials around here for Christie's Toy Box says they are doing a Cash For Clunkers promotion - bring your old one in for a new one!!!  Now this makes me extremely happy not to be working THERE!!!!  Can you imagine being the ONE that is at the counter with the 'clunkers' are handed over??????   Now that should be on that show 'Dirtiest Jobs'!!!!!!!!!

Yes Heather - I do see a new blog entry coming up!!!!!!
I am laughing my butt of and my whole family is wanting to know what is so funny.

I have to laugh at these at work!  My co-workers think I'm NUTS!
Although, (as we often say) the nut doesn't fall far from the tree.

don't you love those conversations that make you laugh out loud & people are around & you know you just CAN'T tell them - but there is no stopping the laughter!!!
Mom got quiet - maybe she is flicking!

I was just thinking the same thing! She did get awfully quiet.

Trade it in, oh no....it would like loosing a long time friend. One that has always been there for you, no matter what time. Makes you feel better without telling you what a butt you are, etc. Actually makes you feel better without saying a word. And the best part, its done when you are.

AND... it doesnt make a mess.

Thats IT - I am getting an IPhone so I can keep up when I am away from home!!!!!  I won't get embarrassed though - people already know I am crazy & say what comes to mind so nothing shocks them anymore!

Don't you tell them Heather!!!


I can actually hear mom saying that!!!!!!!!!!

Heather! You all need to get your head out of the gutter

My goodness I sure have missed you girls the last couple of days!

Our mind is in the gutter because you put it there!! I think you are the one that started the conversation onto this track. Let me remind you....

I almost forgot!!
Shelby's ACT score increased one more point this time. Her scores came out this morning!

Yea, what is it now?
Isn't that all she needed to get a full ride?

No, well, maybe... Depends on what school she goes to. She got a 25 this time. At SWOSU a 28 will get her a full ride. The ting is, she isnt applying for a school scholarship. She is applying for a state funded scholarship. The requirements are different. I dont think she has anything to worry about.


Yes dear?

Way to go Shelby! 
I have to be at work in an hour & just got out of the shower so I need to get ready for work.  I am sure I won't be able to resist checking my emails several times before I leave though! 
If I don't - you all know you made me smile today - I am sure the smile will be there all day!  Thanks! 
I had intended on getting a little sewing done this morning before work but playing with you all was more fun! 
YOu all have a great day! 

Yea... I need to get my family around and get stuff done. I rushed rushed rushed them out of bed so we could get going today, then I sat down on my computer and started emailing. They are all sitting around, listening to me laugh, waiting for the sign that I am going to start moving.
I love having the kids home. Its been fun spending time with them.

I’ve been busy all morning!  Slackers…

I have had fun playing too, so you'll get busy and we will talk later. Love you all


Did you mean to say something, Sister?

Silence is not golden, or did you forget what you was going to say? I do that all the time.

All my love,

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