Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Electric Monday (12-21-09)

Good Morning All,
It appears to be a fantastic day in Muddig. The sky is clear the sun is just turning the horizon light blue and orange. The high is going to be in the 60's. I feel really good. I'm going to complete some wiring on the house today, So tonight I'll have electric light on BOTH ends of the cabin. Something you city folks take for granted. Today lets all be thankful for electricity. Every time we turn on a light today think "That's nice... ah electricity".
Ho Ho Ho

Us city folk - LoL - Yes sometimes those things that seem so small are easy to take for granted!  I think about that often.  I had a lady call the resteraunt the other night wanting to speak to a manager - so I talked with her.  Right now there are a lot of scams but I felt in my hear this one was sincere - and it was a story I intend on telling my kids on Christmas morning before we open our gifts - just to give them a little insight to what some people have or don't have.  Anyway she said she had two children - 15 yo & 17 yo - and she had become disabled this year & can't work, but her disability hasn't come through yet & she is really struggling.  She said she had documentation to prove everything she was saying - that she had been unable to give her kids anything for their birthdays & had just told them there would not be a Christmas this year either.  So she was calling to see if there was anyway we could give them a gift card so she could bring her kids in for a late birthday dinner. 
Of course this pulled hard on my heart strings & I am not the kind of manager in the position to make a decision to give her this.  While I truly feel this lady was for real - I know there are a lot of yee haws out there that make it hard to trust anyone & my general manager said he couldn't do it. 
This is something I can definetly share with my kids though - hopefully it will help them appreciate everything they have even more. 
I am working this morning at Islamorada at 11, then tonight at Toby's at 5.  I am going to start putting my resume into some places & try to get a job with regular hours - I am really missing my family life.  Working when they are home & being home when they are working/school stinks! 
Have a great Monday! 
Love you all - Vanessa
(I guess I rambled on a bit didn't I?)

First thing I want to know is why I wasn't included in the original email from Papa Bear? I am feeling rejected! Thank you sis for including me. It is going to be in the 60s here also and I plan on getting outside as soon as I get home. I had to have the wood splitter back to Lawton by nine. I got all my wood split Saturday and I will not have to worry about heat (something them city folks don't worry about either, huh Papa Bear?) the rest of this winter. Love you all! Mama Bear

You were included on it - I just double checked it. 
Yeah - I sleep with my window open because my apartment is so hot from all that electricity and radiator heat that we have.  It's nice!!  Although, I don't take it for granted after our heat disaster of an apartment last year...

I didn't get it. Was it my home or work address?

You were included - I just hit reply all.
It is your yahoo email -
I sometimes don't get emails when we all are corresponding until way after the fact - I will be so lost sometimes because of it!

(8 hours later...) It is 5:00 pm and I just got this! Something going on weird in cyberspace today.

Or in mama bear space...

Ha ha Leslie! You clever little bear.

All my love,

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