Tuesday, April 13, 2010

I am so (from Xmas)

I've been so behind but I'm catching up this week ladies!!!!  This one is from 12-16-09.

        Mom is red because she is full of love.
        Sister is purple because she is royality.
        I am blue because I like the color blue.
        Hedder is green because it's what is left and readable.  :)

Depressed!!!! This has to be the cheapest christmas I have ever experienced! I decided not to put up a tree, but put out a few of the traditional decorations as well as the garage sell stuff I got this summer, well that was ok, fun seeing all the old stuff. Then I decided I would use the area you see in the pic as to where I would put presents so I put them there and it is so sad! I only have Dolton and Steve to buy for. I sure hope next year will be better.

Awe... I think it looks really good. Our Christmas is gonna be super slim this year too. It is stressful and depressing. We will get past it and everything will be fine. Keep ur head up.

But for me personally I have something to say!  YOU hold your head up high!  I have gotten the most amazing gift from you this year - something money could never buy!  You are truly my mother in everyway now - You & I have become so much closer than ever before this year - I don't need gifts & my kids just love spending time with you.  So you stop it right now!!!! 

I agree with Sister.  I am so much closer with you guys now than I ever was and understand why things are the way they are.  I get excited when I see a little pop up that an email is from one of you - and I stop what I'm doing to read it (even though, it makes me way less efficient some days...)  I am so glad we are all close and it's one of my greatest joys in my life!!!

See! You have two great daughters that love you very much. Who needs material items. You have what so many people long for.

I just buried Elvis. Found him floating face down in the pond.

OH mother!  Do you want me to call you?

No I am ok now! Already had my cry and made a cross so I am ok. I read your other message and that made me cry more than Elvis. I feel the same way you do, but you guys are MY babies and you know how you felt when you was stressing about christmas before you decided not to move. I love you

You guys have really grown up and really the greasest gift of all!

Awe... I am sorry Tilda.
I knew their emails were going to make you cry. :

Won't have to worry about him getting cold again will I?

LOL... no, He wont be getting cold anymore. But I am sure, that wont stop you from worrying about the others.

We are all going to stress - probably more now that we are adults.  But we have learned well and know that in the end it's each other that matter and as long as what that, then it'll turn out like it's supposed to.

I am hungry!

Get some food!

I love you guys!
I love the days I have off & we are all chatty!!! 

I love it too! I think I am the luckest momma in the world!!!!!! Heather I know you have a mom but I care for you just like a daughter.

OK... Now you are making me cry..
I miss my mom more than anything in the world, but you make a great stand in.

I wish I had the day off and I could be chatty in my kitchen with baked cookies!!!!!!  I just wrote out my to do list of things I want to get done tonight (when I get home from work so around 6:30 - ugh!!!)
Christmas Cards
Reeses Peanut Butter Cup Cookies
GingerBread Men
Biscotti (if I have time)
Pick up bedroom
Sweep/mop kitchen (as my last batch bakes!)
Work on Vanessa & Sister, Inc. business plan (1/2 of the first section - THE BUSINESS - description, marketing and competition)
I just want to do it all!!

Well I just finished sewing a quilt together - now to do all the clip clip clipping!!!  If only I knew what happen to my scissors that are made for this! 

I agree with Heather,..... I just woke up from a nap. Sure did feel good,(but I didn't get it all done)! I crack myself up.

Ummm do I guess what you are talking about - because something you said about your nature showers came to mind!
Yes gutter -

LOL! Tulsa woke up from her nap and called me to tell me that she loves my sense of humor.
She thought I was saying that Leslie's to do list was going to make me cry. Bahaha...
Tilda- we are at the Cox house. We shouldn't be staying long. I will call you when we leave.

That is so funny!!! After I took my nap my 1st email was from Les saying all the stuff she was going to do when she got home from work. My 2nd email was from Heather saying now she was going to cry. I thought she was talking about all the work Les had lined out was going to make her cry. I thought she was being a smart a___. So I chuckled and said what I did which I thought was perfect since I had been lazy and took a nap. Hope that makes sense. Get your mind out of the GUTTER!!!!!LOL

I got lost on ALLL that!

Read Heathers it makes sense

Tilda! Are you drunk!?

I read Heather's before I sent my email...  I feel like we all get these emails in random orders that aren't the same.

Call me

All of us?

No just you

Thank you Hedder - that's what it seems like to me too!  Maybe she'll run around town with no bra and panties!

LOL! 2 things are funny about this email.
1. Leslie called me Hedder.
2. Tulsa running around like her daughter does!

Yea I caught both of those too!

What the crap!!
I hate replying to emails on my phone. I didnt realize it spelled Tulsa and not Tilda!

LOL, whatever.

My emails come through weird -
1. who is Tulsa?
2. who is running around in bra & panties?

OMG I am so confused!!! 
I thought is was the Bud Light - but I think it is you all!!!!!!
I finished my quilt - just has to run through washer & dryer now - & my finger is numb!
Heather - for you dear - nothing!  I won't charge you - you just have to pay for any material & brag to people where you got it!

Aw... Thanks Vanessa.
I will gladly pay for any cost there is involved in making it and I will also gladly pay you for your time. We will get together after the first of the year and try to get things started.

I don't expect you to pay me for my time though - this will be a good thing for me to blog about!  I can use this to help get me up & going again! 

I must have missed something. I read where vanessa won't charge for doing something but I don't know what

It went from a Facebook comment into email again. She commented that she had finished her quilt. I asked her what she would charge me to take Justins old clothes and make me a quilt out of them. then the conversation went into email.

Oh that would be so cool! It is suppose to be really nice tomorrow, do you want to go for a hike in the woods? If you already have something planned that is ok. How are you doin? I made a perfect batch of no bake cookies!

I am OK... we will make it.
The only thing we have going on tomorrow is going to jerri's to get that wood split and loaded in the morning. After that, I got nothing going on.
I want some cookies!

Wow Vanessa! That looks really great! I love it.
I will help do the wood just let me know when you go.

All my love,

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